Narara School Concert

Grahame Thom


Gosford Times and Wyong District Advocate
Thursday 1 October 1936, page 10

Enthusiastic Audience
Narara School Concert Reveals Pupils' Talent

Narara School Concert, held in the Narara Hall on Sept 21, proved an outstanding success. In spite of the inclement weather, the Hall was well-filled. Mr C O’Neill presided, and very ably and humorously handled a large programme, keeping everyone in a happy mood between items.

The first item, the Canata, “the White Garland,” was received with much applause. The stage was beautifully decorated, the costumes of the pupils taking part were very effective, and there was not a dull moment. The queen, Doris Peck, looked her part, and did it well.

It is saying much for the children, that from beginning to end there was no need for prompting. Daphne Gavenlock, “Punctuality,” Rita O’Neill, “Perseverance,” and Joan Walker, Generous Scholar,” all said their parts well. Dorothy Griggs sang “naughty Boy “ nicely. “Tardy Scholar,” Phillip Higgins, acted his difficult part splendidly and received much applause. John Haynes, as “Selfish Scholar,” and Frank Oakes as “Quarrelsome Scholar,” also showed distinct ability.

The part singing solos, and choruses were well rendered, and reflected much credit on all concerned. A violin solo by Master Glen Kirkness Delighted the large audience. Master Colin Beasley was in good voice and his “An Old Fashioned Town” and “A Little Coon’s Prayer,” were received with rounds of appreciation. Later he delightfully sang “The Little White House,” and “Old Chap.”

Mr B M Sinclair’s item, a pianoforte solo, proved that he was in good form, and was much applauded.

High class contributions, admirably rendered, were those of Miss Beryl Martin (“Morning in the Meadows”), and Miss Lynora Martin (“Toselli’s “Serenata”).

The physical culture display by local school pupils was a star item and Miss Merle Lane deserves the highest praise for her work in training the children to such efficiency.

The audience had the great pleasure of hearing Mr Nell in “Big Ben,” and “I’ll Sing Thee Songs of Araby,” and showed their appreciation.

The Floral March by the senior school girls evoked enthusiasm. The last item “Ten Little Nigger Boys,” brought the house down, and it is not often that boys looked their parts and acted them so well.

“Advance Australia Fair” by the senior pupils, followed by the National Anthem, concluded a most successful programme.

A public vote of thanks heartily accorded Mr and Mrs Lane and Miss Merle Lane for staging the concert.

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