My Ancestors

Rosslyn’s ancestors who arrived in Australia

Arrivals in date order, earliest first, the number refers to that given in Rosslyn’s chart.

26 January 1788, Sydney Cove
    First Fleet ship Alexander
    Philip Devine (also known as Thomas Hilton Tennant) aged about 26 years, convict
    see 11111
    First Fleet ship Scarborough
    Robert Forrester aged about 29 years, convict
    see 11221
6 June 1790, Sydney Cove
    Second Fleet ship Lady Juliana
    Ann Doyle aged about 18 years, convict
    see 11112

9 July 1791, Sydney Cove
    Third Fleet ship Mary Ann   
    Isabella Ramsay aged about years 17 years, convict
    see 11222

2 June 1797, Sydney
    ship Ganges   
    Thomas Pearson aged about 32 years, convict
    see 11121
    Sarah Eglinton aged about 26 years wife of Thomas Pearson
    see 11122
    Rosetta Pearson possibly born on board to Thomas and Sarah
16 November 1808, Sydney
    ship Speke
    John Sunderland aged about 51 years, soldier, NSW Corps
    see 222121
    Mary Burton aged about 36 years, wife of John Sunderland
    see 222122
28 July 1814, Sydney
    ship Surrey
    John Mathew Pittman aged about 28 years, convict
    see 22211

7 November 1818, Sydney
    ship Morley   
    Samuel Eather aged 23 years, convict
    see 22221
31 December 1818, Sydney
    ship General Stewart
    Charles Homer Martin aged 23 years, convict
    see 1121
2 February 1827, Sydney
    ship Brothers
    Mary Donovan (nee Hedges) aged about 20 years, convict
    see 22222

date unknown, possibly about 1837, Sydney
    ship unknown
    James Carrigan aged about 24 years, status on arrival unknown
    see 2211
10 May 1839, Sydney
    ship Asia
    John Mathieson aged about 39 years, assisted immigrant
    see 22121
    Catherine MacKintosh aged about 36 years, wife of John Mathieson
    see 22122
    Ellen Mathieson aged about 16 years, daughter of John and Catherine
    see 2212
31 August 1841, Sydney
    ship John Renwick
    Anne Cavanagh aged about 17 years, assisted immigrant
    departed Sydney for San Francisco on Artermisia in 1851, see 1853 below
    see 1222
13 December 1842, Melbourne
    ship Glenswilly
    Eyre Evans Kenny aged 58 years, retired army officer
    see 1211   
    Frances Anne Gray aged 25 years, wife of Eyre Evans Kenny
    see 1212

2 September 1852, Geelong
    ship Bourneuf   
    Catherine Dwyer aged about 25 years, immigrant
    see 2112
25 December 1852, Melbourne
    ship Covenantor   
    Harrison Avery aged 46 years, immigrant
    see 2111

12 February 1853, died at sea
    ship Trafalgar
    Bernard Cavanagh aged about 50 years, assistant immigrant
    see 12221

9 March 1853, Sydney   
    ship Moa
    Charles Henry Baker aged about 28 years, immigrant
    see 1221
    Anne Cavanagh aged about 28 years, immigrant
    see 1222

14 October 1861, Melbourne
    ship Monarch
    Edward Gray aged 68 years, immigrant
    see 12121
Probably 29 May 1877, Melbourne
    ship Northumberland
    Ellen Bridget O’Sullivan aged about 22 years, immigrant
    see 212

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