Kenny Story


by Grahame and Rosslyn Thom

This is the introduction and chapter index to our story of Rosslyn’s Kenny ancestors. It is work in progress.

As at September 2015 some of the chapters have limited references.  It is planned to add more references and some images over the coming months.

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Chapter One

Ballinrobe, County Mayo, Ireland

Chapter Two

The origins of the names Crowe, Evans, Coote, and Eyre

Chapter Three

William Kenny

Chapter Four

Jennings and Cuming Connections

Chapter Five

Eyre Evans Kenny

Chapter Six

The Gray and Inge Connections

Chapter Seven

Herbert William George Kenny

Chapter Eight

Baker and Cavanagh Connections

Chapter Nine

The Batchelor Brothers
Eyre Evans Kenny
Dudley Roy Kenny
Arthur John Charles Kenny

Chapter Ten

Two Sisters
Frances Ethel Ashurst Kenny
Beatrix Rose Kenny

Chapter Eleven

Millicent Rose Kenny

Chapter Twelve

Herbert Edward Gray Kenny


Erye Evans Kenny and children


Herbert William George Kenny and descendants