Farewell to Mr and Mrs Lane

Manning River Times and Advocate
Wednesday 18 July 1945, page 4

Farewell at Coopernook

From a Correspondent

On the evening of the 29th June, a public farewell was tendered to Mr and Mrs A O Lane on the eve of Mr Lane’s retirement from the Department of Education as Headmaster of our public school. The large  crowd of friends and well-wishers packed the hall. The function the the form of a social gathering and Rev L H Rolph, who is the President of the Coopernook P & C Association, presided.

The whole of the school children formed a very colorful guard of honor and Mr and Mr Lane walked up the hall. Mrs Bird and Mrs Kenwell met the guests at the door, and Mrs Bird presented Mrs Lane with a lovely bouquet which was made by Mrs F Price and was much admired.

In his opening address, the president spoke of the regret felt by all friends at the departure of the guests of the evening. Mr Lane had been in charge of the school for over eight years and much appreciation was voiced by the people everywhere in town and district. Local people could look with satisfaction and pride at the standard attained by the school during the time Mr Lane has been headmaster. He was sure that not only the parents, but all the pupils will be sorry to lose such a teacher and friend. Mr Lane had conducted the school on special lines and always with the greatest success. He congratulated Mr Lane, regretted Coopernook’s loss, and wished the guests all the best in the years to come. He hoped they would be long spared to enjoy the coming years of retirement and prayed that God would abundantly bless them.

A programme of musical items was tendered. Mrs C Blundell, who was pianist for the evening, played in her usual pleasing manner; community singing; song by Mr R Unicomb; pianoforte solo, Mrs H Anthony; community singing; violin solo, Master R Tener; song, Mr V Unicomb; quartette, Alec Anthony, Verlie Calvin, Loch Unicomb and Robert Tener; song, Mr Treloar; tap dance; Marie Holstein; community singing; song, Mr C Unicomb; community singing; song, Miss P Kedwell; community singing; Miss P Holstein. The artists were all encored. Mr G Unicomb conducted the community singing, which he carried out very well.

Mrs Bird thanked Mrs Blundell, also all the artists who made the evening such a success. It was a lovely programme, there not being one dull moment. On behalf of the teachers of the district, Mr Woodward, headmaster, Jones’ Island Public School, said that he had known Mr Lane during his eight years of service here and felt that they were losing a conscientious teacher who always had the welfare of the children and the school at heart. He had taken a great interest in the educational matters and teachers generally knew they were losing a good educationalist who had left his mark on the educational methods of our State. On behalf of the teachers of the district he had pleasure in conveying to Mr Mrs Lane best wishes for much happiness in the years that lie ahead.

Master I Unicomb, in a very neat speech, conveyed the appreciation and best wishes of the ex-students. He said he thanked Mr Lane for what he had done while at school and since he left. He wished Mr and Mrs Lane every happiness.

On behalf of the pupils of the school, Maureen Loveday made a neat little speech and made a valuable presentation to Mrs Lane. This was followed by a well thought out speech by Barry Duke, who made a presentation to Mr Lane.

Rev L H Rolph then, in a brief but most appropriate speech, asked Mr Lane to accept the gift of a substantial wallet of notes in recognition of his services and as a small token of respect and esteem in which he was held. This was followed by much applause.

In responding, Mr Lane, on behalf of himself and Mrs Lane, thanked the pupils and all friends for the kind words expressed and for the gifts that they had received. They would help to keep in memory particularly the happy evening they were enjoying and the many years they had been in Coopernook. Looking back over about fifty years of service he felt that he had had a good innings, but felt too, quite fit to commence another career which he intended to do. He intended going to Sydney, where the whole of the family now reside. He mentioned that he would like to say a word or two about education. True education had three phases – education for life, education for livilhood or making a living, and education for leisure. The schools are certainly doing their best about the latter phases. But what about the first phase – education for life? This seems to be left by the department to take care of itself. In spite of the handicap of the present system, however, there are many teachers who fearlessly and devotedly give the whole of their best. He sincerely thanked the P & C Association for their assistance in the past; particularly was he thankful for what Mrs A J Bird had done as hon secretary of the   P & C, and the Rev L H Rolph, as president. He would like to put on record the splendid service that has been given by Mrs E Atkins, the assistant of the school. She has proved herself to be one of the best teachers in New South Wales and the Department recognises this. Much of the success of the school has been due to her splendid and efficient work. Again he wished to thank all for what he considered one of the most enjoyable and happy evenings of his life, for their words of appreciation and gifts. Lastly, Mrs Lane joined him in wishing everyone the best of health and happiness for the future, and concluded with the wish “And may God bless you all”.

The items of the musical programme were applauded and many encores were called for. The special items by the ex-students were much appreciated by all, particularly by Mr and Mrs Lane. Everyone adjourned for supper, which was much enjoyed by all. The Coopernook ladies provided the supper, which was a credit to them.

Mrs Bird wishes to thank all the ladies who helped with supper, etc, also those who made the evening such a wonderful success.

Apologies were received from Mr and Mrs Price, Miss Hogg and Mr Hogg, Mr E Drury, Mr and Mrs W Hall.

After supper dancing until 12 o’clock ended an enjoyable evening.

Miss Newton asked the audience to give Miss Bird three cheers for arranging such an enjoyable evening and all joined in singing “For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow”.

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