My mother’s chart

Grandparents Lane

Alfred and Ruby Lane, 1942, Sydney 1.2.1 and 1.2.2


All the data below has been extracted from birth, death and marriage certificates and from reports by professional researchers in the UK. The chart has been limited back to my great great great great grandparents, however on a number of lines I have information extending further back in time.

The numbering system, 1 = male, 2 = female. As an example, is a male who married female, and his parents will be and Using this system means each direct ancestor has a unique number.

This chart does not include brothers and sisters or persons living.

It should be appreciated that the place of birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial may have occurred in a place other than where the person was living, for example, a death can occur in a hospital some distance from where the person lived.

My mother

1.2 Lillian Merle Lane (known as Merle) born 4 February 1918, Annandale, Sydney, NSW
married 6 January 1940, Sydney, NSW, Robert Alexander Thom (divorced c 1964)
second marriage, September 1969, Alexander Gibson, St Leonards, NSW, who died on 13 September 1969, St Leonards, NSW
third marriage March 1972, Chatswood, Sydney, NSW, Hedley William Hunter
took the surname Gibson after divorce from Hedley Hunter in June 1982
died 22 October 2005, Brisbane, Queensland

My grandparents

1.2.1 Alfred Oram Lane (known as Orrie)
born 10 July 1881, Bathurst, NSW
married 20 January 1916, Annandale, Sydney, NSW, Ruby Lillian Russell
died 3 August 1951, Petersham, Sydney, NSW
public schoolteacher

1.2.2 Ruby Lillian Russell
born 11 February 1882, Woolloomooloo, Sydney, NSW
died 24 May 1978, Manly, Sydney, NSW

My great grandparents Samuel Lane (see Lane photo link below)
born 22 June 1852, Windsor, NSW
married 14 May 1879, Parramatta, NSW, Catherine Maria Parker
died 26 January 1932, Marrickville, Sydney, NSW
draper Catherine Maria Parker
born 1 May 1847, Parramatta, NSW
died 7 September 1909, Windsor, NSW John Edmund Miller Russell
(see Russell photo link below)
born 28 April 1843, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
married 21 September 1869, Sydney, NSW
died 9 August 1929, Rose Bay, Sydney, NSW
artist, lithographic draftsman Mary Ann McClean (also spelt as McLean, MacLean)
(see Russell photo link below)
born 21 September 1847, Sydney, NSW
died 24 September 1918, Annandale, Sydney, NSW

My great great grandparents John Lane (see Lane photo link below)
born 12 July 1830, Sydney, NSW
married 22 September 1851, Windsor, NSW, Margaret Anderson
died 12 September 1913, Windsor, NSW
shoemaker Margaret Anderson
born 24 February 1833, Seven Hills, NSW
died 2 July 1904, Windsor, NSW John Parker
born 11 March 1810, St Breock, Cornwall, England
married 21 October 1837, St Breock, Cornwall, England, Ann Cock
died 20 February 1892, Parramatta, NSW
grocer Ann Cock
born 12 December 1813, St Breock, Cornwall, England
died 6 July 1904, Parramatta, NSW Richard Russell
baptised 25 December 1813, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
married 13 January 1833, Swindon, Gloucestershire, England, Ann Miller
died 21 April 1891, London, England
printer Ann Miller
Baptised 14 June 1812, Bath, Somerset, England
died 27 January 1892, London, England Andrew McClean (also spelt as McLean, MacLean)
baptised 28 April 1816, Tullyniskan, Co Tyrone, Ireland
married 4 December 1840, Brackaville, Co Tyrone, Ireland
died 27 December 1852, Botany Bay, NSW (drowning accident)
carpenter Sarah Jane Hughes
baptised 24 April 1814, Donaghhenry, Co Tyrone, Ireland
died 28 August 1871, Woolloomooloo, Sydney, NSW.

My great great great grandparents William Lane
baptised 5 June 1797, Goodrich, Herefordshire, England
married February 1820, Dublin, Ireland, Sarah Boyd
died 3.2.1863, Windsor, NSW
soldier, mounted policeman Sarah Boyd
born ? Ireland
died 25 November 1847, Penrith, NSW Thomas Anderson
born ? Oxfordshire, England
married 11 May 1829, Sydney, NSW, Charlotte Manning
died 27 November 1873, Windsor, NSW
carpenter, schoolteacher Charlotte Manning (see Lane photo link below)
born 20 March 1813, Sydney, NSW
died 18 August 1904, Windsor, NSW John Parker
baptised 2 May 1779, St Breock, Cornwall, England
married 25 April 1807, St Breock, Cornwall, England, Elizabeth Buscombe
died ?
butcher, farmer Elizabeth Buscombe
baptised 19 May 1782, St Breock, Cornwall, England
died 18 March 1854, St Breock, Cornwall, England William Cock
baptised 31 December 1780, St Breock, Cornwall, England
married 6 January 1808, St Breock, Cornwall, England, Elizabeth Allen
died 10 February 1853, St Breock, Cornwall, England (note 3 Feb 1853 on headstone)
flour miller Elizabeth Allen
baptised 2 February 1783, Lanivet, Cornwall, England
died 27 April 1862, St Breock, Cornwall, England John Russell
baptised 2 February 1777, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
married 14 March 1801, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, Elizabeth Artus
died 18 October 1857, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
hatter Elizabeth Artus
baptised 31 August 1777, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
died 14 May 1864, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England Edmund Miller
born ?
married ?, Anne ?
died ? Anne ?
born ?
died ? Roger (Rody) McClean
baptised 18 June 1772, Killyman, Co Tyrone, Ireland
married 19 August 1803, Killyman, Co Tyrone, Ireland
died ?
Anne (Nancy) Walker
ba ?
buried 10 December 1848, Killyman, Co Tyrone, Ireland George Hughes
born ?
married ?
died ?

Sarah Hardy

My great great great great grandparents William Lane
baptised 28 February 1768, Goodrich, Herefordshire
married 22 April 1790?, Hereford, Herefordshire, Anne Jones
died 16 May 1808, Goodrich, Herefordshire
bargeman Anne Jones
baptised 11 February 1768, Goodrich, Herefordshire
2nd marriage, 5 May 1812, Goodrich, Herefordshire, Thomas Jellamy
died 27 June 1847, Goodrich, Herefordshire Thomas Anderson
baptised 6 January 1805, Goring, Oxfordshire
married ?
died on board the Alexander 1806 Sarah Holloway John Manning
born ?
married ?
second marriage ? Margaret Beynon (nee Llewellyn)
died 26 July 1850, Sydney, NSW
carpenter Margaret Llewllyn
first marriage Wales, Thomas Beynon,
died 1 December, 1849, Sydney, NSW John Parker
born ?
married, 29 October 1776, Egloshayle, Cornwall, England, Mary May
died ? Mary May
born ?
died ? Philip Buscombe
born ?
married 31 July 1781, St Breock, Cornwall, England, Jane Brabyn
buried 14 December 1794, St B reock, Cornwall, England Jane Brabyn
baptised 12 March 1753, St Columb Major, Cornwall, Englsand
married second, William Cleave 9 November 1806, St Breock, Cornwall
buried 17 September 1819, Egloshayle, Cornwall Thomas Cock
born ?
married, 15 September 1775, St Breock, Cornwall, England, Jane Rogers
died ? Jane Rogers
born ?
died ? James Allen
born ?
married 13 May 1778, Saint Austell, Cornwall, England, Catherine Harris
died ? Catherine Harris
born ?
died ? John Russell
baptised 20 February 1750, Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire
married 28 December 1773, Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire, England, Elizabeth Ware (Wear/Weare)
died 28 September 1834, Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire, England Elizabeth (Betty) Ware (Wear/Weare)
baptised 29 December 1752, Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire, England
died 23 December 1833, Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire, England Edward Artus (Artas)
born ?
married ? Sarah ?
died ? Sarah
born ?
died ?
John McClean
Sarah ?

Other great great great great grandparents to .2 are unknown

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