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John and Mary Sunderland


John Sunderland was born in Yorkshire, England in about 1758. He is recorded as being a weaver and soldier.  John married Mary Burton in about 1798 in England and on 19 January 1807 he enlisted in the NSW Corps at Portsmouth as a private for a tour of duty in a far off land. John and Mary, and their children sailed to Sydney on the Speke in 1808 with John being part of a detachment guarding the convicts on board. They arrived on 16 November 1808.

John served in Captain Brabyn’s Company and when the decision was taken for the Corps to return to England in early 1810, John and Mary decided to remain in Sydney.  John was discharged on 24 April 1810, joined the Veterans Company on the same day, and was discharged in 1823 aged about 65 years.

Their children

Sarah          born c 1798, buried 22 March 1804, Berwick, Northumberland, England
George       born c 1801, Haworth, Yorkshire, England, died 1850, Richmond, NSW
Rebecca     born c 1802, Kent, England, died 1882, Kurrajong, NSW
Sarah          born c 1805, Yorkshire, England, died 1885, NSW
John           born c 1807, Yorkshire, England, died 1809, Sydney, NSW
Mary          born 5 January 1810, Sydney, NSW, died 1879, Manilla, NSW
Hannah      born 6 November 1812, Sydney, NSW, died 1824, Parramatta, NSW
John           born 15 August 1815, Parramatta, NSW, died 1891, Dubbo, NSW
William      born 18 April 1819, Parramatta, NSW, died 1876, Dubbo, NSW
Isabella       born c 1821, Parramatta, NSW, died 1821, Parramatta, NSW

John died on 22 September 1830 at Richmond, NSW and Mary died on 21 April 1862 at Bowenfels, NSW.

For further information click here to go to a worldconnect site of Jodie titled “From Terrigal to beyond”

Reference – Book – A Colonial Regiment  1789 – 1810, by Pamela Statham, Canberra 1992

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