Thom and Weir Branches


For at least seven generations the first born male of each Thom generation was given the first name of Robert. I was the first male to break that sequence. Click on the link below to see the story of the seven generations.


Jane (Jeanie) Weir married Robert Thom on 30 March 1886 at the office of the District Registrar in Townsville, Queensland. To see the story of her ancestors click on the link below. This story also includes information about the names Kerr, McBride, Wilson branches


Margaret Fleming married Robert Thom (4) on 6 February 1857 at Baillieston, Old Monkland, Lanarkshire. ¬†Click on the link below to read about Margaret’s family.

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Seven Generations

The story of seven Robert Thom generations

My Weir Branch

My Weir generations and related branches Kerr, McBride and Wilson

My Fleming Connection

The story of my Fleming and Martin connectio